Fostering Emotional Well-being in the Classroom

by Randy M. Page, Tana S. Page 

New Edition Available The Third Edition of Fostering Emotional Well-Being in the Classroom is designed to help prospective teachers, current teachers, and parents make positive impacts in the lives of young people. The text provides insightful background, content, and strategies for improving the emotional well-being of students and offers up-to-date comprehensive coverage of many issues that today’s teachers must be prepared to handle. This edition specifically provides coverage of the critical issues impacting the well-being of today’s youth. Pertinent new material includes expanded coverage of media literacy, over scheduling, the epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes, substance abuse trends, sex education teaching activities, Megan’s Law, bullying in schools, depressive disorders and self injury, and assisting depressed youth.

Subjects: Education / Classroom Management, Education / Educational Policy & Reform / School Safety, Health & Fitness / Diseases / AIDS & HIV 

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Date: 2003
Pages: 361
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