Sharing the Joy of Nature

Nature Activities for All Ages

by Joseph Bharat Cornell 

This book of nature activities for all ages is a sequel to “Sharing Nature with Children,” and provides a fuller development of the Flow Learning system of nature awareness. Flow Learning is intended to help teachers, parents, or nature guides tune into a group’s level of enthusiasm and lead them into energized, enjoyable appreciation of the natural world. Chapter I contains a short story that illustrates what can be accomplished with Flow Learning and nature activities. Chapter II outlines the four stages of Flow Learning and describes which kinds of activities work best at each stage. Chapter III contains 19 games and activities. Activity information includes: (1) concepts, attitudes, and qualities taught by the game; (2) when and where to play; (3) number of players needed; (4) best age range; (5) special materials, if any; and (6) activity instructions accompanied by photographs and illustrations. Chapter IV outlines a sample Flow Learning session designed to encourage both scientific and intuitive appreciation of trees. Chapter V contains a short essay on suggested attitudes with which to lead nature activities. Four appendices contain a short story, a Flow Learning activity chart, 38 references, and an index to quotations. (LZ)

Publisher: Dawn Publications
Date: 1989
Pages: 167
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